Name that stitch? It's in a pattern

Loop Twist Scarf

I think this is pretty and I’ve been playing with it. I also think the instructions are wrong. From the pattern:

Row 1 (RS): k1 yo 3 times; rep from
Row 2: [sl 1, drop 3 yo’s] 7 times, sl 7
elongated sts back to LH needle, [k7tog
tbl do not drop from LN needle, yo k tbl 3
times], then let drop from LH needle;
Row 3: k, picking up strands between sets
of 7sts and k tog with first st in each set.
Row 4 – 8: k all rows.

As written, at the beginning of row 2 I would be slipping a yo. That wasn’t working out for me so I worked row 1 as *yo 3x, k1 and that works because I ended with a knit stitch to slip at the beginning of row 2 and dropped yo’s at the end of the row. Anyhow, is it me or the pattern? I haven’t yet got a name for it that will work when I Google (just get loop stitches that aren’t like this) and have been looking at pictures at New Stitch a Day and Knitting Fool. I’m trying to think of other places to look. Does anyone know the name of it or have suggestions for finding it?

Better yet if someone just already knows the answer.

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Mystery solved. It’s a version of Knitted Broomstick Lace

Looks like the Little Crown Stitch.

There’s also a video for continental knitters. We had a question on it not too long ago. It’s a lovely look.
I think there’s also a Crown Stitch that might be worth comparing.

Yes, very similar. Maybe it’s a hybrid of the two.

Want to see how it’s working out?

Vary pretty! Is this going to be a scarf or part of something else?

:shrug: Good question. I decided to learn the stitch for a scarf and now I think I’m sick of it. I tried working the loops through the front loop and of course they lean the opposite direction but could I figure that out? Not without doing it. I tried a size larger needle too, just for grins and giggles. Like I said, I think I may be done with it.

I found cotton lace weight yarn at Walmart and grabbed a skein. I’ve been thinking about using this stitch with it. Maybe use one row of this at the ends and something else in the middle and Kitchener it together when I get low on yarn.

I think the broomstick lace would be pretty on the long edges of a shawl. I don’t like the lack of a defined, nice edge with it and don’t know what to do about it. I guess pu&k along the edge and then cast on across the gap would work but I’d like to have something that develops as I work it.

I guess I’m just done with it for now. I’ll give it some time and look for a lace pattern to go with it. Multiples are a problem and I don’t see any patterns for about 300 yds. that I want to use so I’m doing things the hard way. My stock in trade. :mrgreen: I need to try it in the round too.

This is the way it was used in the Maharani’s scarf

That’s nice! I’m not sure I want to work that many of the multi-strand elongated stitches together that many times.

I’ve discovered that charts are wonderful. I’m giving the lace chart from this a try and so far, so good. I’m wondering why they were so intimidating.

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Very cool! I’m not sure it’s something I’d ever finish though. I’m lazy like that. haha

I finished it! All done.

I frogged it. :teehee: Quickest way to finish a project.