Namaste Yoga Bag pattern question

I am knitting the Namaste yoga bag from Knitty Winter 05. I have finished the body of the bag (27 inches of cables). The finishing rows are where my question lies. The pattern reads p1[k3, BO 3 sts, k2 ( now have 3 sts on the right needle after the bound off stitches), p1]. Repeat to end. There are 81 stitches to start with. If I follow this pattern I come to the end with 2 stitches left. I don’t know what to do with the 2 stitches. The next row is much the same except it is k1 [p3, CO 3 sts, p2, k1]. It presents the same problem with 2 stitches left over. Should I just knit or purl the last 2 stitches? The bag has to be seamed when complete.

The main point of these two rows is to have the bind-offs and cast-ons lined up for the drawstring, so either knit or purl them according to what would come next if the pattern continued for another repeat.

Ingrid is right about the openings that are made by the bind off/cast ons. But the pattern should come out evenly. It takes 10 sts for each repeat plus the k1 to start or 81sts. As long as you’ve put so much effort into the long cables, why not just go back over your sts and see if you can find a mistake or two? Name each st as you go along the needle and make sure each bind off is 3sts.

Thank you for your replies. I have the 81 stitches from the main pattern. If I count correctly in the first finishing row patterns are only 6 stitches plus the 1 at the beginning (k3, k2, p1). That is assuming the BO is done on the p1 and k3. At first I thought the BO 3 would be done as I normally would by knitting 4 more (after the initial k3) and binding them off. However if I do that I have more than 3 stitches on the right needle after the bound off stitches. It would make the pattern number come out right.

When you knit the next sts after each BO are you counting the st left over on the needle after the BO or not? Just work the the sts in the pattern, then knit 2 more for the BO and only count the sts you lift over and off the needle, not how many you knit.

When you do this repeat:
p1[k3, BO 3 sts, k2 ( now have 3 sts on the right needle after the bound off stitches), p1].
you k3, work 4sts in order to bind off 3, k2 (now you have 3sts on the R needle between the bound off sts and the needle point)and then p1. So the 3+4+2+! =10sts. If you do that 8 times plus the p1 to start the row, you have 81sts.
But if it’s not working out for you, knit the sts as they appear (knit the knits and purl the purls) and make sure the cast on 3sts are over the bind off 3sts.