Namaste Needle Binders vs. other needle binders

Anyone own one? I am so tempted to save my pennies for a chocolate colored one. Please tell me if you like or dislike the binder and why. Also, if you have a different type of binder, what do you like or dislike about it? Thanks in advance!

VERY COOL! I love the avocado color!!! I only have the old style needle binder (not really a binder–they zip and hold needles along the inside of each cover) and I use it to store needles. I don’t carry it with me (my mil gave it to me but it looks like something my great grandmother would carry around were she still alive…LOL) but then again I don’t use straights either. I do like that the Namaste binder has circ pages but since I use the options needles–I’d need a page that was kind of like the ones to hold straights but w/ shorter pockets (to hold just tips) and then a page or two for the cables. I think it’s a very cool idea and very chic looking! I rarely need to carry all of my needles around but if I did–this is certainly one of the best ways I’ve seen to do so!