Namaste Messenger Bag for sale


Hi. I have Namaste Messenger bag for sale in cranberry. I just purchased a new one in black. I completely love the bag, but don’t need two. This one is less than one year old and in great shape. I am trying to sell for $50 including shipping. The bag retails for $69 currently. Any takers? Email me at

Bump. Anyone for a new bag to hold their yarn, books, wallet, needles, etc.? It holds a ton of stuff and it is in nearly new if not perfect shape.

Trust me, I would if I could! Maybe after my next paycheck haha

Let me know if you change your mind or want it after payday. :slight_smile:

well, I should be getting two checks by the 10th, so I’ll let you know :wink:

This is now listed in Ebayif you are interested.