Namaste Hermosa Bag Giveaway!

Thanks to the gracious people of Namaste, I am giving away this gorgeous Hermosa Bag on my KnitPurlGurl Blog. (It’s valued at $75!) Giveaway ends 12/8/09! Lots of opportunities for entry. :woot:

I think that is very nice of you. But I gotta tell you, I checked out your giveaways before and always find the entry directions too confusing to follow. I haven’t a clue what McLinky is or how to do it:shock:

I’m sorry to hear that. :frowning: The MckLinky is at the bottom of the post - where it says “Click here to enter.” :slight_smile:

That bag is awesome!!! I just entered I hope I win :teehee:

i may had entered once…3 times…lol