Nako Örgü Festivali No:21 EN

Hi all,

I working on pattern # 63 and i am little bit confused. could anyone help me?

Very nice!
Can you quote the instructions or just a couple of the rows that are causing the problem? We can’t post large portions of a pattern due to copyright problems but a few lines is fine

1- Knit the front and back pieces together. Cast on 120 stitches, and work them as;
Row 1: Work as purl 2, knit 2, purl 2, and so on.
Row 2: Work all the stitches on the back rows as purl stitch.
Row 3: Repeat from the row 1, and knit in the same manner along knitting.

2- When body length is 23 cm, decrease 35 stitches at one end for armhole; knit the remaining 85 stitches for 2 cm, and increase 35 stitches onto needle again at the end of decreasing for armhole.

3- Knit 40 cm for back piece, and repeat the steps performed for armhole and go on to the left front piece.

4- Starting from shoulder side, work the stitches as; 29 stitches of the pattern, 3 stitches of the diagram no. 2, 56 stitches of the pattern, 3 stitches of the diagram no. 2, 29 stitches of the pattern.

5- Upon completion of the diagram, cast off the stitches, and while working 1 row of single crochet on
the finishing side, make 5 loops at 14 cm intervals.

1- Cast on 59 stitches, and work them as; edging stitch 1, yarn over 1, knit 27, decrease 2 stitches purl by picking up 3 stitches together, knit 27, edging stitch 1, and apply the diagram no. 2. Upon completion of the diagram, apply the pattern on body pieces.
2- When sleeve length is 57 cm, first, decrease (3+2) x 1 stitch at both ends on every row for armhole, and starting from the next row, decrease 5 x (1+2+3+4+5) stitches at both ends on every 2 rows.
3- When sleeve length is 69 cm, cast off the remaining 7 stitches to finish. Work the other sleeve in the same way.

I work well till i reached step #2 stopped at “knit the remaining 85 stitches” is that means (k) all to the end and turn and continue knitting or turn and Purl back???

and there is a diagram No.1 not mentioned in the pattern do not know what to do with it.

Thanks for helping :))

As I understand the pattern (a sideways knit), you’ve been repeating rows 1 and 2. That a k2p2 rib on row 1 and purl on row 2.

It may be easiest conceptually to do the bind off at the beginning of a right side (RS) row. In step 2, bind off 35sts continue in k2p2 pattern to the end, turn to the wrong side (WS) and purl the remaining sts as usual.

Then continue on these 85sts for 2cm before casting on 35sts

ok. The 2cm work them K2P2 and on WS Purl??

Yes, continue the pattern you have been working, k2p2 RS and purl WS.