Nadja's 'Hug' Afghan

I was going to wait, but I’ve lots of pms asking questions so;

Nadja has got her afghan. She emailed me a couple of evenings ago, this is what she sent me;

[B][SIZE=4]"[/SIZE]I did get my “Big Hug” from all my KH loved ones. Thank you so very much. I would
have contacted you sooner but I still haven’t been able to get my computer
in for therapy and so sometimes she won’t let me on-line and when she does
she won’t always let me on KH and she has not been very good about letting
me send email. I’ve also been very busy still taking care of the
post-mortem issues. It’s amazing how much there is to do after someone
dies. I will post pics of the “Big Hug” as soon as I can.

My love to you and everyone on KH,


I was going to wait for Nadja to put something but some people have been very anxious, which I understand.

So congratulations and thank you everyone who joined in, she loves it and I’m sure when her computer stops being a naughty girl she will post.

Thanks Ellie - for everything!!! :hug:


You’re the BEST, Ellie! :muah:

I hope Nadja gets back to her old self soon. :heart:

Thank you Ellie, for everything:hug:! I hope this afghan will give Nadja some support.

Great news !

Well done everyone!

thanks ellie and hope u get well soon :hug:

That’s great, and it was a great idea. Very thoughtful and loving. I just wish I had known about it and could have contributed. Being busy on the road I somehow missed it I guess.

Oh poo… I missed it. I had my square done, but …oh well.
I may perhaps make a little cushion out of mine. NB, can you pm me her address for such mailing? I have wanted to send her sympathy card but didn’t want to bother you since you’ve been doctoring besides.
I’m super glad she liked it…you folks rock! :hug:

You’re the greatest Ellie! I still am in awe of all that you’ve done for us and Nadja!:clink:Thanks from the bottom of my heart!:muah:

Mee too … a beautiful loving idea!! :hug: :heart:

:muah:Thanks for posting. I do hope she feels like a big hug from all of us every time she uses it.

Thanks NB and everyone else who contributed to this project~

I know from my own experience when you lose someone you love dearly nothing feels as good as a " big hug":hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:

You guys are awesome~!



A job well done Ellie. Especially considering you put this together in the middle of your own health problems.:hug::heart:

I am so glad to hear she got. I was glad to be part of it. I hope she can come be with us on here again soon. Silly computers.

Just to let people know, Nadja has been on and has commented on her afghan, you’ll find it under 'Thanks for my big ‘Hug’ from NAdja La Clare.

Thank you for kind comments, the afghan was sent on behalf of the knitting forum, which means all of us.

I’d like to thank all the people who contributed both squares and donations for he posting, (that afghan was HEAVY! Lets hope it doesn’t squash the poor girl!) You guys are the best, thanks for all your hard work.

Thanks so much Ellie for doing all that seaming:passedout:

I just don’t know how you managed it.

Anyhoo I hope that you have a good and well-earned rest now - especially as you’re still recovering from an operation.

[COLOR=Magenta]TAKE IT EASY[/COLOR] - and many thanks again.