N00b sock question

I’m knitting my first sock with actual sock yarn and US 2 needles. Everything’s going good. I just wanted to ask, is it normal for the sock to start off looking really small? I mean, the pattern’s cuff down, and I’m a few rows in, and right now the circumfrence doesn’t seem large enough. I’m probably just worrying over nothing, but, I wanted to make sure it all works out.

Is it ribbed? If so, try pulling on it to stretch it out and looking at it. My ribbed socks always start out looking waaaay too small.

[color=indigo]I have that visual issue with every pair I knit. They always look way too small even though it’s the “same” yarn and same needles and same number of CO sts.[/color]

My first pair of socks was actually too small for me, but I checked the gauge and everything. :shrug:

With size 2 needles, your cast on should be between 64-72 sts. Depending on your foot size/ankle size , I usually do 72 with fingering weight yarn, I wear a ladies size 8.5 shoes. My socks always start out looking small, but depending on fiber (I did a 100% merino pair) they stretched a lot so I am glad I did them small. You don’t want the too loose or you get that slouchy look and they always feel funny…:slight_smile: