N00b in Distress!

Hi y’all!

Yup, you heard (or saw :roflhard:) right! The n00b is in distress once again! Get ready for serious ranting!

Well, it all goes like this. I CO for the Artlady/KGYm Tempting II Sweater KAL. I CO and all went well, until I started the first round. As soon as I was halfway into the first round, the cable kinked up. I had taken time to unkink it and yet it still kinked. Any ideas on how to unkink it? TIA! :muah:

Oh, PS, my computer is really, really, old and really breaking down. I have to get it repaired and that will probably take a long time. Ill be back on ASAP.

I’m too new to offer advice, just wishing you luck on your kinked cable. I had no idea they could kink!:aww:

Have you ever tried the Crystal Palace Circular Needles that have the ‘new design’? The joint where the needle meets the cable fully spins so it helps prevent kinks in the cable and makes knitting in the round much more flexible. It’s a little bit more expensive, but well worth it IMHO.

Good luck!

uh, no, but THANKS!! :muah:

You need to post this in the KAL thread. ArtLady set this up so you could do this together so that only makes sense. You can also PM her.

Try sliding your stitches toward one end (the part that isn’t curled up) and straightening out the needle.

oooh-k! Thank Suzeeq!

Vicki Howell on a Knitty Gritty episode boiled some water in a pan, took it off the stove and put in her kinked circular needle (metal, not wood!), let it sit for a few minutes and it straightened out. Haven’t tried that yet — good luck!