Mystical Creation Yarn

Hey ya’ll…has anyone ordered from Mystical Creations Yarn? They sell yarn by the pound of 1/2 lb…quite reasonable prices…bamboo & soysilk, too…sounds yummilicious :wink:

Oh wow, thank you so much for posting this site. How can those prices be right??? They are so low for such nice stuff. Let me know if you order anything and how their products/shipping is.

Wow they are so pretty :thumbsup: … let us know if you order and how it is!!

:smiley: Well, I won’t be ordering any today…I just ordered 2 BEAUTIFUL balls of Opal Uni from Kemp’s store…fyi, ordered it last night…she shipped it today…MOST EXCELLENT service :thumbsup: And, I just ordered 9 balls of Sonota from Elann to knit Soleil for my sister :smiley: So, my ordering for this payday is done :wink:

I was part of a co op for that yarn a while ago. The colors are very pretty, but every single person complained of bleeding dye – it would rub off on your hands as you were knitting, on clothes that rubbed against it, during washing, etc. Just a heads up.

Thanks very much…I needed to know that :thumbsup: