Mystic Star

I finished my first circular shawl!!! I somehow got the harebrained idea that I’d like to finish it in time for the Sheep and Wool Festival. I started it on 25 March and finished on 4 May, in a record (for me) 41 days… and a few nights. It was fun but I don’t think I’ll ever try to do anything this big in that short of a time again :shock: Finished measurements are about a 6ft (1.8m) diameter.

The pattern is The Mystic Star by Anna Dalvi and I used Miss Babs Yasmin - Dark Fury. It’s a bit hard to see in these photos, but there are also about 2500 Japanese 0/8 beads and 24 magatama orchid lined beads, one on each of the points, woven in. The seed beads are a crystal AB and a blush AB. They were a lovely combination, but it’s really hard to see the colour differences on the shawl, which is a bit disappointing. I guess I should have used a lighter coloured yarn.

Anyway, those interested, the ravelry project page is Mystic Star.

Exquisite in every detail! The shawl is such lovely work. I’m in awe. Enjoy wearing it.


lovely !