mystery yarn! a Noro or no?

Hi everyone,
I’m having trouble identifying a yarn that I am using for one of my current projects. It was originally from my mom’s stash, and she believes it is a Noro. There are Noros in a similar shade, but my yarn does not feel or look like a silk blend. It feels woolly, pulls apart quite easily, and does not have any of the shiny fibers that you would find in a Noro. It is a single-ply, light brown and cream colored, and very natural–it even has tiny bits of wood and bark in it. It’s somewhere between aran and chunky weight (I’m using size 6 needles, and they are a good fit). If it’s helpful, my mom purchased it in 2013, from a yarn shop that sadly no longer exists.
Sorry if this is not a productive topic–my next step would be to take it to a yarn shop and see if anyone there knows what is, but I don’t have one convenient.
I will take a photo soon.
TLDR: anyone have experience with a wool that has bits of twigs and bark spun in it?

Thank you!

Noro yarns come in multiple fibers so your mom may still be right. Kureyon is very popular one and it’s 100% wool. It does have twigs and stuff in it.

Should never have doubted my mom lol. Thanks

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