Mystery stoles

Hello I am part of the ms3 kal and was wondering if anyone had the ms and ms2 in “clue” pdf. I would really like to have ms and ms2 in the “clue” version but I don’t know where to find them. Anyway if you could help let me know! Thanks for your time and co-operation!

I forgot to mention that ms means mystery stole…

I put as a google search “mystery stole clue versions” and got a range of sites. I don’t know enough to sort those out but I suspect they may help you…? At least some of those sites seem to be from people who are doing the items so perhaps you could make direct contact.

I’m not totally sure about this, but I think what happens after the KAL is that her patterns are put up for sale on her website. Looking at the Flickr images of Mystery Stole 2, it looks like her Scheherazade stole that can be bought. I think once you miss the deadline for registering, you can’t (w/o infringing on copyright) get the pattern in clues anymore. :pout: It’s sad, but I [I]just[/I] got an email from her sent out as a special notice to all MS3 members about not sending out the pattern clues to non-members because it infringes on her copyright as designer.

That is correct. Because the KALs are no longer active, the “clue” format for MS 1 & 2 is no longer available. You can buy both completed patterns on her blog (; click on Pink Lemon Twist Patterns). MS1 was Leda’s Dream and MS2 was Scheherazade.