Mystery Stole 4 KAL

I’m so happy…especially since I JUST finished the last one! :teehee:
Is anyone else joining, have joined? What yarn and beads do you plan to use? I’m going to stick with KnitPicks Shadow, this time in the Spring Green Heather colorway and use dark grey transparent beads. Also plan to stick with my KP Size 3 circular.

Hello, My name is Leah Higgins and I just finially got clearence to chat on this. I am a little frustrated because it took me several tries and a lot of time. I am glad I am finially here. I am from San Diego Ca. I have a quick question about needles. What are large eye blunt needles? Are they the double pointed needles? And why do they ask for large? What size is large? I havn’t really looked around this site much, I am enjoying knowing there are so many knitters out there. I am always trying to turn my friends on to knitting or crochetting and do have a small knitting group together. cloud9

I have joined MS4 on yahoo and ravelry as well. can’t wait to get started. I am using Knit Picks Gloss in Pinot with Blue Iris Aurora Borealis Finish. This is what I have in my stash and am now doing my swatch with it and it looks OK so far.

I have a quick question about needles. What are large eye blunt needles?

They’re tapestry or yarn needles, used for sewing in the ends on a project. You need the large eye to thread the yarn through.

I can’t seem to be able to sign up. I have a Yahoo ID (for Flickr), but i use a different e-mail and it says my e-mail is no-good for this group. Anyone knows what’s that all about?

Where do you sign up? I have a friend who did one and my interest has been piqued ever since.:woohoo:

Here’s the link:

I signed up a few days ago and have been on a bead hunt ever
since. I have no idea where to get beads here! I’m planning to use
a “light fingering” weight (according to Ravelry) 100% cotton to
make mine but I’m waiting to decide color until I find beads :slight_smile:


Libbie - there is a complete lack of choice of beads here in the UK as well. I used the Artbead web site that people recommended in the US. I have ordered 5 different beads 3 packs of each just to be sure. the next day I had an email that they had been shipped already. I paid $13. something for postage, which is OK even with the postage I don’t think I could have gotten the beads in this country for the price I paid in total.

Also have just found out that the Colourmart company a lot of people have been talking about is actually in the UK. so called them up and they are sending me a yarn sample card to get an idea of what their yarns look and feel like for free. Very nice lady on the phone, very helpful.

Hi I am also signed up for the MS4. I am using Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud River. I bought clear bead with silver. They really sparkle on the yarn. So see everyone there. I think I am tee_tyme_50 on yahoo. I also use Teri when I get stuck on something and need to ask questions.
Have fun and see you there.


Ok, I managed to sign up. Need to check the beads thing, maybe some citrine beads i already have will do (probably not).

I just got a cashmere laceweight from them and they are great!!! I bought on their ebay store some odds and ends, which turned out to be enough for 2-3 shawls. I got some chocolate-brown cashmere which i’ll use the Mystery Stole 4. Even when it’s still oiled (you need to wash the knitted piece) it’s still very very soft!

I got my sample pack today which is really good. the little samples are enough to knit an inch or two square so you can see what they knit up like. and they send me 41g of 2/14 cashmere pink yarn. it is lovely and soft and enough for a little scarf. around 300 yards. have placed and order for some lace weight merino/silk/cashmere and some fingering weight cash/silk. I have my eye on a few other things as well. but will have to restrain myself for the moment.

Hi Leah and welcome!

You should start a new topic (visible when you’re on the page with the list of messages) so you aren’t hi-jacking another thread!

The needles you’re after are yarn needles or sometimes they’re labled “children’s needles” if they’re plastic. The eyes are big so you can thread the yarn through. They aren’t double pointed needles.

About what level of difficulty would you say a MS knitalong is? I have always wanted to try one, but haven’t really knitted lace yet (except in a dishcloth with cotton yarn)

I think that anybody can do this, with all the support of the yahoo group, Ravelry MS4 group and KH there will always be somebody here to help and support. I think I read on the Yahoo group that one of the members of the MS3 had never knitted anything before that stole and finished hers. Just take it one stitch at a time and ask questions whenever you need to.

:I am game to try it, but will be using lifelines because I find it really hard to tink or frog anything too complicated still.

I feel like I could do about anything with all the helpful knitters out there! :grphug:

ETA just joined & read over everything. I have never worked a chart but understand how to read one. I have never worked with beads + knitting. Weeeeeeee!

Lifelines and stitchmarkers, don’t forget the istitchmarkers. saved me a few times.

I joined. I did it last year but didn’t finish. I did learn a lot about lace knitting though and I’m really looking forward to doing it this year. I think I’m going to do it in an off white, natural kind of yarn with dull gold beads. Maybe we should start a KAL thread.

I did MS3 last year and had never tried lace before. I found it to be
quite do-able. As Karina said, there will be a lot of support from
others who are knitting it and can answer any questions that might
pop up. I agree that lifelines and stitch markers are a must! :slight_smile:

I’ve never knit with beads before either so I’m really looking forward
to that challenge. I found some kind purpley metallic looking beads
that I’m thinking of using but haven’t decided on yarn colour yet.
I’m seriously thinking of going with a silvery gray yarn and will either
get the purple beads or try to find some that are a bit bluer. Not sure!


I was wondering if there was going to be a KAL set up for this here on KH.