'Mystery' cardigan in 'Cherished' book by Kim Hargreaves

Am currently on [B]Shape front slope[/B]section of pattern (Mystery cardy by Kim Hargreaves in the Cherished pattern book). I have got to the [B]and at the same time[/B] section which says ‘inc 1 st at side seam edge of the 6th and 2 foll 6th rows, then on foll 8th row’. My question is…when it says foll 8th row, does that mean knit another 8 rows after increasing on the 6th? or does it mean knit another 2 rows after increasing on the 6th (6 plus 2 is 8)? Please help, it’s driving me mad! Thanks!

Work the next increase 8 rows after the previous increase.

Knit 7 rows after the increase on the 6th row, then inc on the row after that which would be the 8th row.

Hi again, thanks for your help yesterday. I had to unpick my knitting back to the [B]Shape the first slope[/B] because I got a bit confused so thought would start that whole section again.
I am now at the first decrease at the front slope edge on the 6th row and before I continue I just thought I’d check this…
Previously it says [B]Next row[/B] K to the last 9 sts, K2tog tbl, patt 7 stitches. Working all increases as set by last row, cont as follows: Dec 1 st at front slope edge on the 6th etc…Does this mean I do all my decreases by K2tog tbl when I get to the last 9 sts? It kind of seems obvious now I’ve written it down that it does mean that but I just want to double check as before I unpicked I did the decreases on the first stitch on the edge of the slope (which I now think is wrong).

Also, another quick question, in the same section of the patt…

Patt says- Dec 1 st at the front slope edge on the 6th then on 5 foll 6th rows [B]and at the same time [/B]inc 1 st at side seam edge of 6th and 2 foll 6th rows, then on foll 8th row. Work 5 rows ending with a WS.

Am I knitting the final 5 rows after I have done 5 sets of 6 rows (1,2,3,4,5,6)?

Thanks for your help in advance, I’m always amazed at how quick you come to the rescue!

Yes, you’ve got it. Do all the decreases on the front slope edge at 9sts before the end of row.

And yes, work the front slope decreases and the side seam edge decreases at the same time. The front slope decreases will continue and then after the final front slope decrease, work the 5 rows ending on the WS. It’s a lovely pattern. Enjoy finishing up!

Thank you very much. It may take me a bit of time but I’ll get there in the end! Really appreciate your help!

On the [B]Shape Armhole[/B]of the ‘Mystery’ pattern am I decreasing 1 st before the slope edge pattern sequence (as previously) or literally on the last stitch- ‘dec 1 st at end of next row’ & also a bit further on ‘dec 1 on front slope edge’.

Also, where the pattern writes [B]‘and at the same time’[/B] I am confused about the brackets. I usually follow the first number after the start of the bracket (in this case 5th), however I am wondering what the ‘next’ means in the bracket? [B]'dec 1 st at the front slope edge on 5th (5th:5th:next:3rd:5th)[/B]. Does this mean I should dec on 5th row and the following 3rd row or should I ignore the ‘next’ bit?
Any advice would be appreciated!..

On the armholes you can decrease at the edge st or one st in from the edge but if there are decreases on the front slope I’d still decrease before the slope edge pattern.
The ‘next’ in brackets is for the 4th size. If you were making that size you would decrease on the next row, but since you’re not, decrease on the 5th (the direction for the first size inside the brackets).

Thanks again for your quick reply & help. Couldn’t do it without you!

Glad it’s coming along so well. I have a question: Why is it called the Mystery cardigan?