Mysterious symbol in the Celtic vine

I just bought the book “The knitting Stitch bible” published in 2002 by Maria Parry-Jones.
After making a couple swatches for fun, I am not at page 144, pattern no 25, which is a beautiful Celtic vine.
But, the symbols of the charts to make the leaves are not in the list of the chart symbols, at the end of the book!!!
After looking in Internet, I see that it’s been noticed but it doesnt seem that there has been a correction.
And in the meanwhile, i cant understand how to make the leaves!
I am hoping a “more-advanced-than-me” knitter will have this book and be able to explain to me what it’s about, how to do it!!!
In the chart, the symbol is simply a number (5,7,7,5,3) alone in the square, if anybody has an idea what it means.

Thank you so much for your help solving that mystery!

A bit of research in my other books, and a bit of trying it on the needles gives me this–

You increase to 5 by working k,yo,k,yo,k into the stitch where the [I]5 [/I]is. Purl the 5 on the back.

You increase to[I] 7[/I] by working k,k,yo,k,yo,k,k using the 5 knit stitches. Purl them on the back.

Knit the [I]7[/I] on the next rs row, and purl them on the back.

Decrease to [I]5[/I] by working ssk, k3, k2tog over the leaf.

Decrease to [I]3[/I] by working ssk, k1, k2tog.

Do the double decrease where the /l\ symbol is.

Thank you so very much! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
Now I can sleep!!! :sleepy:

Now that you got your answer (I didn’t know so didn’t reply) I have to tel you–Every time I see the title of this thread, I read “Mysterious Symbol in the Celtic WINE”…and it cracks me up…like a good mystery novel title! LOL!

Hope your knitting is going well Lagalou!