Mysterious knitting/crochet needle/hook thingys

Dh’s friend found a bunch of knitting needles and old pattern books. Among them were these 3 things that look like knitting needles but are actually crochet hooks. They are about the size of long straight needles and have an endcap on the end. The sizes are 10, J and G. Does anyone know what they would be used for??? :??

It’s an afghan crochet hook. I got one free once from a web site where I ordered yarn. They sent me free crochet patterns, too. I haven’t crocheted anything in about 25 years, so I really don’t know how they’re used.

I got curious and found this

There are several Afghan Crochet stitches - including a Knit and Purl one. You can replicate the look of knit, but I’m positive that the fabric is more dense than normal knitting.

Very true…and that extra long hook is kind of awkward to work with. It can get very heavy as you go along with your project. You keep the loops on the hook for the most part, instead of working 1 st at a time in regular crochet.