Mysterious extra row

:thinking: Okay…something odd happened when I was knitting my second row of loop stitch. I dropped one and it was hard as hell to get it back but somehow I did. At least I thought so. I knit along merrily until I noticed something… I had an extra row that starts somewhere half way along the row which makes half of the thing slightly longer… :thinking: I have no idea what happened… or how to fix it (please don’t say ‘frog it’ pleeeeaaase pain)… help?

My last reply disappeared into the netherworld, so please forgive me if this shows up twice.

It sounds like you did the same thing I did with a baby dress I was working on. When you put it down in the middle of a row, and then picked it up again, you knitted back over the stitches you just did… an unintentional short row? :?? Anyway, I’m sorry, but the only answer is to frog. :frog: If it’s any consolation, I had to frog back about 4 or 5 rows of the dress… it was about 90 or so stitches of lace weight on 2.25 mm needles. :crying:

sounds like you picked up and started knitting the wrong direction. only way i know of fixing that is to frog it back to the point where the short row is.

sigh :crying: that might be what I did… I’ll have to remember to be more careful next time in the meantime…


Man, I did this 3 times on a simple scarf as a new knitter. Now I pay attention to where my working yarn is coming from. As a Continental knitter, my working yarn is always on the right in the middle of a row.