Mysterious decrease

Hy to everybody,
I’ve a little problem about a description in a pattern. I have to decrease 7 stitches in 20 row (each side) for a neckline shape and in the pattern , which is very criptic, is written (upon the scheme):
6 RE (rows even)
The pattern is translated from a japanese magazine.

Does somebody know what does it mean? I’m getting crazy!! Help
I apologize because my english isn’t so good.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
These are difficult to figure out but fortunately there is a tutorial on line. Here’s the part for shaping:

So for your pattern, it’s 2-1-7 which means every 2 rows (that is, every other row) dec one stitch. Repeat this for a total of 7 decrease rows.

I can’t believe that it would so simple!! Obvius
Many thanks!!!:cheering: :yay: