Mysterious Bar Help I need it to go away!

I’m currently knitting a project in stockinette and was knitting on the purl side and I noticed this huge “bar”. It looks like I have a run but I do not see the dropped stitch. This bar runs from my first stitch on my right hand need and over the first stitch on my left hand needle. I almost done with this row and have over 200 sts. Any help would be very welcomed! Thanks

Im gonna take a wild stab at this and say that you slipped a stitch instead of knit it on the previous row.

looks like this VV[U]V[/U]VV ???
and when you pull on the bar, does it pull on the stitches on your needle?

easy fix…turn your work where the knits are facing, put the slipped stitch on the left hand needle and put your right hand needle thro the stitch as if to knit, pick up the “bar” and pull it thro the stitch just like your making a knit stitch. pull the old off the needle and make sure the new is in correct oriantation. Turn work back over to where you were and continue.
You could do this proceedure while your on the purl side…its easier to explain for the knit side tho.
I hope thats what the prob is…
and I hope that helped?

I can’t be positive w/o seeing it, but I suspect it’s a problem called rowing out. It’s when you purl looser than you knit. Here’s some info to see if that’s it.

If it’s not then could you post a picture? Check the link in my sig to make sure you use appropriate photo sizes and how to post photos here.

Thank You! That was it!!! I am a new knitter and I get very confused on how to fix my mistakes. You saved me so much time!!

Thanks Again

You’re welcome! It was the only thing I could think of that would go all the way across the work. :thumbsup: