Does anyone here have Myspace???

Indeed, do you have a ? about it?

I have myspace and was just curious if anyone on here had it also.


i’ve also got a myspace…

where in NJ are you located? i’m a joisey girl…grew up in somerset county and now live in southern NJ…


Yes, I have a MySpace and a FaceBook. When you start forming your network on either one, you’ll start with people you already have email addresses for. Then you can branch out from there if you wish by doing various searches (old classmates, former co-workers, etc) that you may not have email addresses for.

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I live in Kearny. It’s in Hudson county. Exit 145 off the Parkway.

I have posted a group for KH on Facebook…that way we can find each other then go from there! Friends

Not much goes on there…but you can find some of us there…smiles

I am on myspace too…but I don’t much are for it…

Yep but it’s hacked. I need to fix it. It’s if you wanna see the Proxy Of Death.

I just discovered that you can do business listings now on FaceBook. So I have that for my little business (My Cup of Tea - Exquisitely Crafted Premium Teas) and on MySpace and LinkedIn. Social networking is so great for small businesses like mine. It helps me reach audiences I would never be able to otherwise.

Please come visit my little business, whether directly or through your social network of choice. THANK YOU!

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