MySpace vs. Facebook

So! Which is actually the most commonly used? It is rumored that MySpace is going out of style and more are moving to Facebook.

Also, has anyone got an account on I’ve heard it’s underrated.

I can’t stand Myspace…It was neat to befriend celebs, but hard to navigate and mostly impractical. Facebook on the other hand, is like a silent reunion…

You can look at ppl without hearing the murmurs of what they are saying about you…

I do have a myspace page, but I never update it or use it. I only signed up for it so I could communicate easier with my step sister in Norway. I always feel so old anytime I log onto that site…

I prefer MySpace. I have a Facebook profile, but, it’s pretty much pointless because all the friends I have there I have on MySpace…lol…I think MySpace is easier to use and I love being able to customize my profile. Maybe you can do that on Facebook, I dunno, Facebook is a bit overwhelming to me…lol

I have heard that Facebook has really taken off in Canada (specifically Ontario) but that in the US, Myspace is still more popular.

Not sure how true that is…

I deleted my MySpace account over a year ago and don’t plan to go back. I have several reasons for this:

  • My first one was hacked. I don’t think MySpace is as secure.
  • Similarly, my Facebook is private… no one can see anything about me unless I let them. Even on the private settings on MySpace, I found that people could glean certain information from my profile by Google searching and some other ways. Perhaps it has improved, but I don’t trust it still.
  • Even with the changes, I like Facebook better.
  • I am better able to cut down on the spam/advertisements that I get on Facebook.
  • I am not as offended by the Facebook advertisements that DO show up, whereas I felt that the ones on MySpace verged on pornographic at times.

One thing I will say: I joined Facebook when it was exclusive to college students at certain schools. (In fact, I joined on the very day they added my college to the database back in 2004.) I kind of miss the exclusivity that that offered, but I understand why they opened it up to everyone, too.

facebook. it’s easier to navigate and there seems to be more of my acquaintances on it than myspace. I got rid of my myspace a few months ago.

I have a MY SPACE space just so that my kids and grandkids and nieces and nephews can message me and update me about what’s going on! They are online at their MY SPACES all the time…so since I developed a MY SPACE, they keep in touch more often!

I have set all my stuff to Private, Friends Only, cuz I just have it for them. They loved it when I showed up!

Im a facebook person :slight_smile: . I used to go on there most days, now its every now and again. actually met my boyfriend on facebook (bizar i know).

I find it really easy to mooch about and do what ever i want to do on there.

Never needed to look at myspace so havent bothered tbh

I can’t bear MySpace. I found it to be self indulgent inthe extreme and i dont like how it was geared towards finding new friends (or them finding you) andconsequently towards sharking for single guys and gals. I found it all terribly unseemly

I am a Facebbok user as i liked how it was a lot more private and how only those people who i said could see my profile could see it, how difficult it was for people outside of my circle of friends to contact or ‘get-to-know-me’, and how simple and dtreamlined it was to use. Since they have launched the ‘new-and-improved’ facebook i have used it less, as i find that it is now turning into just another MySpace, is more difficult to use and i have had mroe spam ‘befriendings’ han previously. I am very dissapointed in the Facebook oporators for this aparent chnage in attitude to what Facebook was for.

I am a facebook person. I never liked myspace much and since i have now converted all my myspace contacts to facebook its hardly worth me logging on anymore. I just find facebook easier to use.

Facebook here. Lots of colleagues, friends and (college) students on it.

I HATE MySpace! It is like one big orgy. Creepy people are on there trying to make ‘friends’ (code for hooking up) with everyone. I like Facebook. I am friends with and only get invited to be friends with only those people I really care to be friends with. I don’t have weird people sending me friend requests. I belong to some crafting groups over there - I don’t visit them often, however. But I do check my Facebook account daily.

YUP ~ got my MySpace and FaceBook to keep a protective eye what my own kids do online. But it has proven very worthwhile for reconnecting with my younger cousins, (most of my cousins are the age of my children).

I even found an old high-school friend on MySpace and then on FaceBook who was doing the same thing, keeping an eye on her children and their friends.

It’s become a great way for me to share family photos (my profile is SET TO PRIVATE, so only my family and close friends get to see them). I also kept track of several of my Hurricane Ike family members through MySpace.

Pretty amazing.