Myfirst sock!

[IMG] I hope this worked, I always have trouble posting pictures


How do you prevent those little holes? Is that where I picked up stitches? My grafting wasn’t all that great either, but it is a sock!

They look great! I love the colours. I just finished my first pair too- aren’t they great? The grafting was pretty confusing on the first sock, but once I did it a second time I think it was okay.

Looks good! Did you do the stripes or was it self-striping yarn?

That sock looks great!!! Love the bright colors. I am ever so slowly working on my first sock. It is feat isn’t it :cool:

LOL, that first ever sock is “the agony of de-feet”!!!

Lovely job, they look great and the colours are wonderful!

Great job! Did you mention what kind of yarn you used?

The holes…try googling this. I got holes on my first two socks, but I quit getting them afterwards. I think it has to do with the way you pick up stitches. If memory serves me right (it’s been a while since I made a pair), picking up that last stitch from down lower helps prevent the hole. Don’t quote me on that.

Here’s a link to one site I found for help on the hole thing.

:happydance: They Look great!!!

I always pick up the in the corner of working down the heel and the where you left the instep…this helped me a lot :thumbsup:

It looks great!! I just cast on my first pair of socks on Friday - haven’t had much time over the weekend to pick them back up though.

really beautiful work! What kind of yarn did you use?
Local, or on the net?

This solved the hole problem for me: I pick up two extra stitches in the row below at the corner of the heel flap needle and the instep needle (one stitch below the right needle and one stitch below the left needle). I do this on each side for a total of four extra stitches on the round in which I pick up the stitches for the gusset. On the next round, I decrease twice on each side where I had done the increases, then proceed as usual.

It is self-striping. I bought the yarn over a year ago I think and just now got brave enough to do the socks. I got it at my LYS…it is Opal brand, I lost the wrap, so I don’t know the pattern or anything, sorry…Thanks for your kind words!

Yah!! Those are pretty-love the colors!

to fix the holes on the sock when you pick up stiches on the next row you knit knit the sts you picked up through the back loop. happy knitting

Great job!

Congrats!! I love the yarn you used.

I’m struggling through my first sock right now, so I am so impressed at how nicely your first one turned out!

what ype of yarn did you use? that is one really REALLY AWESOME sock! :woot:

Good job and nicely done!!! :yay: :cheering:

I love them. they remind me of Rainbow Bright. anyone remember her?

One beautiful sock!