My yarn won't felt

I bought 6 skeins of Patons Purple Heather today, thinking it would felt. Written down on the label :

[li]100% wool[/li][li]Hand wash only[/li][li]It has a cross sign over a picture of a washing machine[/ul]I thought this definitely means that it can felt, but when I tried to join using the felted join, it won’t work, and I tried many times.[/li]
Could it be because of the age of the yarn? I think it’s pretty old.

Did you fray the ends first before you attempted to wet and join? If you are doing a felted piece try doing a swatch and felting before you do your piece. If that still doesn’t felt I would return the item.

I don’t think the age would have anything to do with the felting qualities of the yarn.

Yarn doesn’t necessarily felt easily. To felt some items I’ve made I have to use hot water, soap and lots of agitation to get them to felt, but they do felt. I have never tried a felted join though.