My yarn is here!

Ok now that my yarn is here and Denise has sent me my new cords I am ready to start my sweater I am using knitting pure and simple pattern #9724 But I am changing the cuffs to ribbing and the neck to a turtle neck (I think or maybe a crew neck) I was also going to put a cable down the middle but is one cable enough?

That looks really nice. Is it soft? It sure looks that way. What blend is it?

Lisa :smiley:

It is Andean silk from Knit picks it is superfine alpaca /silk/merino wool blend it is very soft!!

I really like it a lot. Make sure you keep posting pics. as you knit the sweater. Good luck! :XX:


The yarn is a pretty color. :smiley: I like the table too!! I ordered two longer cords from Denise and waiting for mine to get here too.

Oh, how yummy!! Love the color and I love andean silk!!
I think one staghorn cable would look nice…simple, but elegant…u can see a staghorn here, but it’s used more than once here. :smiley:

That’s beautiful! I made that sweater, it’s really easy!

The color is beautiful. Good luck on the sweater!

That yarn looks yummy! Be sure to keep us updated on the project.

the yarn looks very soft and pretty. i wish i had that kind of yarn. where’d you get it?