My yarn inheritance!

A few weeks ago a coworkers mom passed away, and she was a crocheter. But she left behind a ton of yarn that got passed to me…Now I’m stuck! There is so much! It didn’t look like so much in the bags, but there really is a lot! And most of it is acrylic that she used for projects so they are just leftovers… here… a pic…

and another…

As you can see there are some full skeins that I will keep, and some heaps of leftover same colors, but the others??? Lots of small acrylic browns???:ick:
There were a few suprises though, a whole BAG of sugar n cream cotton, which I don’t mind using if it’s a simple pattern:

And 4 skeins of some mill end (didn’t say yardage, just 1 pound on the label) PURDY SOFT WONDERFUL DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO BUT LOVE IT LOVE IT:muah:

And, in the bottom of one bag, the woman’s wallet. Yes her wallet, with about 200$ in cash in it. I looked at it and kinda thought “that’s a lot more yarn” but I am such an honest person that I have to give it to my coworker. What a shock though!:passedout:
Anyhoo, if there are any of you that would pay me for shipping for the stuff I decide (give me some time… still in yarn coma:help:) I don’t like, let me know.

That’s the problem with people giving you yarn. You have to take the good with the bad.

Someone just ‘quickly grabbed’ some yarn from a thrift shop for me because they thought I’d be thrilled. I’m not. It was a nice thought, but it’s not nice yarn.:shrug:

Thanks Ingrid, you made me feel better about not being so happy about most of the yarn. I hate to seem unappreciative!

maybe you could donate it to a charity in her name? there are a few knitters here who do tons and are involved in charities that accept yarn for donations …

she’s the queen of charity knitting!!!