My work is twisted (circulars)


I keep thinking is this even possible. How in the heck do I manage to mess up like this. But my work is clearly twisted. I had to switch needles so I knitted onto the new needles and now my work is twisted.

Can I fix this without starting over? I already had to start over once. Please, let there be a way to fix this without starting over again. :crying:

:shifty: Nope. Sorry!

If you noticed on the very first row, you can just untwise it and keep going… I’ve done that (a LOT). But if you’re already into it, you’ll need to start again.

Can you maybe frog back to where you twisted it??

Actually…I did hear about a way to fix twisted knitting. It’s kind of scary though and I’m afraid it might make most people hyperventilate.

I don’t even know how to undo a row, let alone untwist a row. I ripped it out and am starting over.

I realized how my work got twisted but am having a hard time from preventing it. As I knit I’m pushing the work back and it gets squished in the middle of the cord. That’s where the twisting happens. I feel like to prevent that every few stitches I need to straighten everything out on my needle and check for twisting. Maybe I should be using longer needles and that would make it easier. It’s like there’s barely enough room for all the stitches so they are squishing together really easily.

I’ve also found that it’s hard to check for twisting when the stitches are crowded. One way to work with it is to knit a row or two flat so you can more easily see what’s what when you join. You can sew up that little gap with the yarn tail when you’re finished. In the long run, though, if your project is going to take a while, you might want to opt for longer needles just for your sanity.