My work is curling!

Ok…so I’m new. I’m knitting/purling along and my work is completing curling in towards itself on both sides. Is this a tension thing or am I flipping my working wrong when I’m finished with a row?

Yup, stockinette stitch curls. If you knit a row then purl a row you are working in stockinette. This isn’t a problem if you edge your work in ribbing, garter or seed stitch, or some other non-curling stitch.
Are you trying to knit something in particular or are you just knitting along for fun?

I had to have my dh hold my work out so I could measure it earlier this evening. :lol: I’m definitely going to have to block it.

Marnie, when you say edge do you mean the last couple stitches, or just the edge stitch? I am just passing my first stitch over, and knitting all the last ones, and am still curling. It will all be stitched up and you won’t be able to see it anyway…but I would like to know for reference. :slight_smile:


We discussed this topic in depth on another thread: here

…If you want more info!


Thank-you for your response. I checked out the other thread regarding the same topic and I thought the felt was a great idea. Any suggestions on how to attach the felt? Sew? Anyway, I guess I should try another stitch/pattern when making scarfs. Thanks for your help :wink:

You would definitely have to sew fleece or felt onto the piece. YOu can do so by machine or hand. If you use a machine, make sure to use a wide zigzag stitch.