My Wonky first Crocheted dish towel

I think I might like this crocheting thingy. It’s really faster then knitting .

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
You’re off to a great start. What’s next?
What yarn did you use? It looks a lot like some I have.

Peaches and Cream yarn . Now my oldest son wants one with matching dishcloth.

:roflhard: You started it, it’s your fault!

Seriously, if your guys like them you done OK already. Maybe you should give your son a hook and yarn and say here’s your dishcloth. :mrgreen:

Nana, looking good! I’d say your first crocheted dishcloth is a great success.

My oldest was laid off of work for a few weeks and he even asked me if I could teach him to knit up some dishcloths because he liked mine so much and he figured it would give him something useful to do. I got him started gave him yarn and needles and showed him the basics . After a couple of weeks I was over at his house and saw that he had one dishcloth done…only to find out he had his girl friend knit it for him:noway: He told me it was to confusing for him and she offered to make one for him . I give up on teaching him for now. Then the only way I could get me yarn back was to promise to knit him more dishcloths:shrug: so being the mom that I am and wanting my yarn back as he was holding it hostage I said yes. You can only lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink :rofl:

Thank you, I’ve knitted many dishcloths and loved them but I think from now on I’ll be crocheting them . It’s much faster and their thicker then Knitted ones

Did he specify the size he wanted his dishcloth to be? I’d be just rotten enough to make an itsy bitsy one, you know, coaster size. :mrgreen: Yeah, I’m bad.

:fingerwag:Ya You’re bad , but that would be a hoot.