My Wonderful Wallaby...finally finished!

Sounds kind of like that line in Officer and a Gentlemen when they graduate from their officer boot camp…

Anyway, here is the wonderful wallaby I’ve told you I have been knitting. Don’t look too closely, it’s only the third I’ve done, and being quite critical of myself and the crafts I do, it took me awhile to get it finished.

I think I’m ready to do another one though after I finish the three things I already have yarn for!


Sorry the picture is so cropped, this I am new at too!

I think this might show it better…sorry for the picture problems!


What do you mean, “Don’t look too closely”??? It is fabulous!! You did a great job! Very, very cute.

I think it looks great!

Bubba, it DOES look great, and its just what I want to make for my nephews! YAYYY for you! :cheering:

Thanks for your kind words! And I don’t know if you remember me saying so, but this is knit all in one piece so there is no sewing at the end except for the top of the hood and six stitches under each arm. This is why I had to tackle the kitchener stitch. Now I just hope it fits her (and her mom doesn’t accidently felt it!).


Wonderful work Bubba!!! I’d love one for myself!!

The pattern goes all the way from childs small to adults extra, extra large…get knitting!

The pattern is kind of funny…it’s written like a story. Without my wonderful friend Char guiding me, it would never have happened. We were supposed to knit it together, but she has yet to start hers!


Bubba, is there a link to that pattern?

Oh I really like that! It’s gorgeous!

Sorry! I’ve been on vacation up at my lake place…no internet. Came home for the night to celebrate the granddaughters 4th birthday, then I’m headed back for two more weeks.

Kelly, I don’t think the pattern is posted anywhere online. I found this which shows different shops it can be purchased through. The cost is $6 for the pattern, more if you have to pay for shipping.

Here is otherinfo on the same site about the sweater…

I admit, on my way to the lake last week, I bought yarn to knit another one of these, this one for my great nephew who will turn 3 on June 9. I figured I might be halfway done by now, but I have not even started!!


When you say don’t look too closely, you know that makes people look. Kinda like telling someone high up “Don’t look down!”. LOL I did look closely and couldn’t see anything wrong. It’s perfect. Way to go!! :thumbsup:

Thanks Pat!!