My wonderful new yarn

On saturday I went to an estate sale not expecting to find much yarn. Was I ever WRONG! I could have spent I kid you not $1000 easily. As it is I spent $130, yes that much at an estate sale on yarn!

That is knit picks andean treasure, %100 baby alpaca, 14 skeins for $40

That is KPPPM %100 merino wool 10 skins for $30

That is noro kureopatora %100 wool, 14 skins for $40

That is my favorite, classic elite egyptian cabled cotton made in greece,10 skeins for $30

That is my freebie for buying so much from them. It’s tencel wool, 16 skeins, FREE!:passedout:

:passedout: Wow! I need to find something like that! :thumbsup:

WOW! Those colors are so pretty.
I would never be that lucky at an estate sale :sad:
But what a great find for you! Enjoy!!!

I remember hitting an estate sale one time, I wasn’t knitting at the time, it was a hiatus :slight_smile: - but being a quilter I was on the lookout for fabric. And boy did I find it!!!

I got 3 suit boxes (remember when they put newly purchased clothes in suit boxes at the department store? I’m dating myself I know) of fabric from the 30’s and 40’s!!!

This was a HUGE find, not just scraps, but yardage!!! And since it was the second day of the sale, it was all half price and I got the 3 boxes for $15.


Wow, you got some great stuff!!

Wow! That’s awesome!

Wonderful!! I love going to yard, estate and second hand shops you just never know what wonders will be there. Lucky girl.

It’s almost a double bind for me though, I dont’ feel like I am a good enough knitter to do the yarn justice. I keep looking through my patterns, but even though this yarn looks like it would be great for so many of them, I am worried that I am going to wreck the great yarn because I can’t knit so good.
any suggestions?

Good yarn puts up with a lot. It would be hard to ruin.

I have faith in you!! But just in case, if you feel the yarn needs to go live somewhere else for a while, I’ve got plenty of room here in Ohio :mrgreen:

Seriously though, you can do it! I have no doubt you will be able to put all that GORGEE yarn to good use :cheering:

And I’ll just be over here green with envy in the corner :teehee:

Those are wonderful finds. And pretty colors too.

But estates sales always make me a bit sad-what became of the knitter who bought this yarn in the first place?

Such pretty colors!

It kinda reminds me of that chapter in the Yarn Harlots book, where her friend couldnt knit anymore, and they divvied up all her yarn, and carried on with her intended projects for all the yarn…so sad, yet so sweet.