My wonderful brother and my late xmas gift

so i just recieved my christmas gift from my brother. and he rocks!! he got me Fitted Knits from Stefanie Japel, Knitting Classic Style by Veronik Avery, and Classic Knits by Erika Knit. He said he had to feed by knitting addiction because he loved the sweater i made him for Christmas so much. he even got co-workers asking him for requests. I love my little brother!!!:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

what a great gift! It so nice when family appreciates your addiction :teehee:

that is so sweet. not only do you have a little brother who notices your addiction (i meen hobby;) ) but he is willing to feed it and with great books. AND he apreciates the hard work you put in too. this is a little rother you don’t want to lock in a cupboard :shifty: .

That’s one good little brother you have there. It isn’t nice when a family member helps to enable your good habits.

Isn’t nice when a knitting gift recipient actually appreciates the gift? since ny has been cold all week. he has worn his sweater to work all week. :aww: :aww: I made him the cambridge jacket from interweave knits.

Aww, how sweet of your little brother. :hug: I’ve yet to make something for my little brother, but knowing him… let’s say he’s got much growing up to do :expressionless:

What a fantastic brother. I am sure he will make a someone a lovely hubby. He is very thoughtful :slight_smile:

You know funny you should say that. he is friends with ALL his ex girlfriends!! i find it hard to stay friends with my exs yet he is!! They always break up on excellent terms!! its always something beyond their control!! he is a very thoughtful brother! he was not always like that. he was a TERROR until he hit puberty then puberty calmed him down. I liked him much better after that!!

Awww, that’s awesome!!

Just to give you a laugh, I have to tell you that I glanced at the computer screen and misread your thread title at first… I thought it said “my wonderful brother ate my xmas gift”! Thank goodness that is not the case. :slight_smile: