My woeful guage deficiency...please help me not give up!

I’ve hestitated to post this for some time, because I’m just not sure what could help me, but I’m so frustrated at this point that I thought I’d try coming to you all. I used to be the classic tight knitter, but once I switched to contintental, I became VERY loose. I thought this would even out eventually, but it hasn’t. Just yesterday when I was swatching, I had to go from a number 7 needle to a number 4 to get the correct guage. What if the pattern had called for a 0? What would I have done then? I hate this so much that I almost want to go back to throwing. Is there any cure? Anyone?

Do you wrap the yarn around your pinky?

I was working on a project a few weeks ago where my gauge was turning out much looser than normal, and when I wrapped the yarn around my pinky TWICE instead of once, it helped a great deal. (Normally I don’t wrap at all when I knit, only when I purl. But for that project I wrapped once while knitting, twice while purling.)

Wrapping was suuuuper awkward for me at first. But now it’s second nature…

I knit continental wrapping around my pinky and first fingers 2 times each. That way the yarn has good tension and my hand doesn’t get cramped.

And if you already ARE wrapping around your pinky, try also weaving the yarn over one other finger (I use my ring finger) before you wrap it over your index finger.

And, if you knit well by throwing, why not just do that? I make throwing faster by also tilting the left needle toward the middle…its almost like right-handed conti!

i knit continental, but I throw… I think you should just do whatever is comfortable for you! Who cares if it’s unorthodox/“wrong”/different/slow/etc??? If this is stressing you out, stop, and do it the other way; knitting should be fun, not frustrating :thumbsup:

no, it’s not that I think I’m doing anything wrong…it’s just so loose even when I wrap! I’ll try wrapping double, even triple, and see how much it changes…

Maybe you should try shifting your grip on the needles a little, more toward or away from the tips?

Sometimes, the best suggestions are the simplest.
I just wrapped around my pinky twice and once around my index, and now I’m almost spot-on! I wanna kick myself for not thinking of it sooner. Awww, you guys…Shucks! Thanks so much! :blush: