My Winter knitting projects are done!

Sorry for the links and not photos but for some reason I can’t figure out how to resize them for KH to post them.

This is what I did over the winter. Note that the man modeling the Cable Hoodie it was not knitted for him , he was just nice enough to model for me. But he really did like what I had knitted. Someone on Ravelry had post what I thought to be a really rude comment about it saying that she knew of no man that would wear something like that. So just note he is only the model for the project . Although he did want to keep it for himself :rofl:

What a productive winter! The summer wrap and sweater look marvelous, beautifully knit in perfect colors. I love the hoodie scarf with the reversible cables. Lucky mail lady indeed. Great job all around.

well, I think a handsome man can pull off anything. :star:
you’ve done a gorgeous job on all your pieces.

can you come over to my house, to do some knitting? :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

:clink: :woohoo:

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