My Wedding

I was going through the pics on my computer the other day and found some of my wedding pictures…I figured I’d post some of 'em, with Halloween coming up…lol…My avi is also a pic from my wedding.

How fun to have a theme wedding. Cryket’s getting married on Halloween. Those pictures are great. October and autumn is a great time of year for a wedding.

Wow! How fabby! :yay:

Very cool…I can’t wait to post my pics!

Looks like you had a wonderful day . It must have been so much fun for everyone to dress up .:slight_smile:

WOW i love your wedding cake!! You look fabulous!! Everyone must have had such a wonderful time!!

It was funny because we got married at a banquet hall and there were other guests there the night of my wedding, using other rooms, and a lot of them kept coming over to the room we were in and asking to see the cake and hubby and I :teehee:

It was definitely a FUN wedding! I keep telling hubby we need to get a divorce so we can get married and have a Halloween themed wedding again :teehee:

However, we were talking about renewing our vows on Halloween night, just for fun…lol

Wow what a fabulous wedding you guys had! I want Hubby and I to renew our vows for our 10th in 2 years we had such a bad wedding! I’d do something a bit more Gothic! Have Rita in a nice black bridesmaid dress for a start!

You are so fun- I love it!

I wore a black wedding dress for my first wedding (which was also right before Halloween…lol)…I’ll have to scan some pics sometime!

Oh I LOOOOVE it. I tried so hard to convince my hubby to have a Halloween Theme… (And even a Christmas theme) but he wouldn’t have it. So the best we got was the first Saturday in October.

It was still a great wedding, but yours just looks so much cooler! :heart:

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. How much fun you all must have had!!!

I can’t wait for Crycket’s wedding. Her wedding invitation said “Come as you aren’t” so I already have my costume (I am going to be a wench) and we are going sometime this weekend to get DH’s costume (he is going to be a pirate). With Crycket’s permission (already granted), I will post some pictures when I get home that night, or on Saturday morning! I can’t wait!!!

I showed to pictures to DH and DS. They both said "That was probably a lot more fun than a regular wedding!"
I think its great you picked something that YOU wanted. After all, isn’t that what its about.

[COLOR=“Blue”]The pics are great, I’ll bet that was fun. Our daughter’s best friend & her husband got married on Halloween & it was pretty crazy. She’d told everyone to dress up & only a handful of us did. Oh well, once a goofball always a goofball! LOL![/COLOR]

Indeed! Luckily hubby’s parents were stingy and didn’t want to pay for anything and wouldn’t have even if it had been a “normal” wedding…lol…and, my mom and dad thought a Halloween wedding was an awesome idea as my whole family is alllll about Halloween…lol…

Did i hear my name ? Me in black? Yes . Me in a dress ? -NO WAY lol :roflhard:
Now! Put me in a nice pair of bootleg trousers then we have a deal :):thumbsup:

Wow! What a fabulous wedding! This is such a great idea, and I bet no one will ever forget that day! Weddings should be fun and it looks like you know exactly how to do that!

WOW! Your wedding looks pretty cool! I love themed weddings! My DH and I had a medieval themed wedding almost 3 years ago. My avatar pic is me on my wedding day.