My "Victorian Lace Today" came in


I wanted a modest-sized project to knit on my upcoming 2-week trip home, and the 28x66" shawl wasn’t cutting it…so I ordered the book for some inspiration and have decided that this will be my travelling project:

I got #2 yarn instead of #1 and also #5 needles instead of #3. I’m doing this in a white cotton yarn.

It seems like a challenge, and yet not so big that I’d lose track of what I’m doing.:oo:

Grumperina did this recently and might have some useful posts (I’m going to copy her and do a Melon Scarf in Sea Silk). It does look really interesting, not silly or too difficult but enough to keep you interested! I’m thinking about it too… eventually. P.S. check to see if the edition you have has errata posted online.

That, too, is one of my faves that I want to knit (after I knit 2 or 3 dozen pairs of socks for Lonnie!).

That scarf is beautiful. I haven’t seen this book in person but I’ve been thinking of buying it. Do you recommend it??

They have pretty patterns, but I haven’t yet tried knitting anything from there, so I can’t tell as to the quality of patterns and ease of the instructions…but definitely some nice shawls/scarves/capelets there. If you go on Amazon, I think they give you 4 previews of the images from the book, so you get some sort of an idea of what type of patterns they have.

I don’t have a lot of nice knitting books as I’m in NZ. Bit I like it, it has some history of the patterns etc. if you like that and beautiful photography, some of the patterns will require a bit of thought, or be difficult if you don’t draw up a separate chart, here is a link to a very happy customer’s review on her blog:
with lots of photos.