My very first sweater!

I hope this image posting works. (First time)Crossed Fingers

This is a sweater I just finished. I’ve been working on it since March 07. It’s a Noro pattern from Noro Unlimited. I used Noro yarn, of course. I attached 2 clasps in front due to an unexpectedly low v-neck.

Very pretty - love the colors. Great job.

GOOD JOB:cheering: I especially love the colors. Very good idea of adding the clasps!:cheering:

Great job! Looks mucho comfy!


That’s very pretty, I really like the colorway. The clasps are probably a good idea, you might freeze a few things better left warm without them.

Very pretty and comfy looking. I love the colorway you chose. Noro has such beautiful colors. You did a great job – enjoy!

:happydance: Great job!!

I know! Well I plan to wear a thin long-sleeve shirt under this sweater anyway since it’s 100% wool. Otherwise, I’d itch to death! Now, we just need to see some colder temperatures. It’s supposed to be 78 degrees in Atlanta today.

Great job :thumbsup:! Looks wonderful for a first sweater!

Good job on your first sweater!! Woot!

Brilliant you have done a great job well done x

VERY nice job! :thumbsup: Don’t worry, it’ll get cold pretty soon, then you can wear your new, pretty sweater.


Good job love the color

Congratulations, you did a great job! I love the colourway. :cheering:

That is lovely. Looks very cozy and comfortable.

very pretty! i love the colors!

Congratulations!! Your did a wonderful job on your first sweater. It looks just beautiful.:woohoo:

Very pretty sweater. Great job. :slight_smile: