My Very First Sock!

Well, here it is! :happydancing: It actually looks a liitle darker pink in person than it does on-line. I didn’t have a problem turning the heel, I had a problem on the first round :wall: …but I finallly got it. The best thing is to put it away and go to it the following day. Like they always say, sometimes you just need a break to get a better look at a pattern. The following day I looked at the pattern and I couldn’t beleive I got stuck. It was so easy!

Next time I’ll have to use a little bigger needle 'cause apparently I have big feet. Err…size 9.

I can’t tell you how much I love this site. I have a sock pattern that I went by but to see the video here really helped a ton! :woot:

Great job! It looks great! What kind of yarn is that? It looks to soft! And yes, Amy’s videos are the best!

The yarn I used is TLC baby sport weight yarn, in powder pink.

It looks wonderful!

It looks great!! :cheering:

Fantastic job! It looks great!

That’s a great looking sock :cheering: :cheering:

Congrats! It looks great.


Great job, welcome to the addiction of sock knitting :slight_smile:

That looks awsome !!! WTG for learning the art of making socks !!!

That’s Great!! I hope some day soon mine looks that, good right now I’m stuck on the gusset. :pout:.

Nadja xxx :frog:

I love the color! :cheering:

So pretty!! That is a good looking sock!

And I’m right there with you on the big feet! I can nearly wear the same size as hubby :oops:

Wow! I LOVE that design! :heart: Which pattern did you use?

Great work! Looks so comfy and warm!