My very first scarf!

Hi everyone,
I taught myself how to knit over spring break with the help of these videos and your useful comments. It took me a month to make this scarf, but I’m really proud of it! The pattern doesn’t show up that well in the pictures, but I used this one:

Here it is!!
With flash:

Without flash:

With me!

Thanks for all the help here! You guys rock! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

That’s a beautiful scarf! I like your colors!

Great job! The colors are really pretty!

Fantastic scarf - well done you :smiley:

The videos are great aren’t they? I love KH :heart:

:cheering: Great job!

Way to go! Aren’t you proud of your hard work? You should be!

:happydance: What a beautiful scarf! You should definitely be proud of such a terrific looking first project. Congrats! :cheering:

:smiley: WTG :cheering: :cheering: Absolutely beautiful scarf!!!

Great job! That’s a very pretty yarn too.


Now that is some NICE knitting - you should feel very proud.
Great yarn choice too - keep at it! :cheering:

Gorgeous! :smiley:

[color=red][/color] [/img][size=7][/size]GOOD JOB !!! :thumbsup:

wow thanks for all the replies!! :smiley:
i’ve already started a new project. since 11:00 last night, i’ve knit for a total of 7 and half hours!! :shock:
oh no, this is addictive!!!

I think it looks FAB-U-LOUS!

:heart: the colors!


That is a fabulous scarf! The length and width is just right. And I LOVE the colours! Good job. :smiley:

Beautiful job! :cheering:

Wonderful!! :cheering: Those colors are so pretty.

It’s beautiful!! The colors are gorgeous and look very good on you!

You should be proud! It’s much better than my first scarf…which I’ve lovingly named “holey.”

:roflhard: :roflhard: No question it’s addictive, but at least it doesn’t rot your liver, cause heart disease or make you gain weight (unless you count tons of yarn that will soon be piling up!)

the scarf looks great!