My very first "Me" designed knit hat

I have finished my first ever my design piece of knitting. I have done my own design crocheting before, but never was brave enough for the knitting patterns. I made this for my great Nephew, Nathen Ryan, because the day he was born (Sept. 24th the day after my birthday) he looked like a little elf to me. Some of the things I included:
The hat will fit him until he is about 5 years old, that was not an easy task, lots of ribbing hidden in the hat.
The “pompom” is actually crocheted, and is hollow with a jingle bell inside.

That’s so creative! Great color too.

You did a spectacular job and it is very cute!!!

Great job! I love the top!

It’s really adorable, and well done!

It’s a wonderful design and in a great color. Your first knit design is a great success, and warm and cozy too.

That’s awesome! Nice design work! :thumbsup:

I love it! Thanks for sharing! :inlove:


I wonder, does the jingle bell makes a little bit of noise when you walk? That would be awesome :smiley: Or do you need to shake your head exessively to make it “ring”?

reminds me of a gumnut baby

That’s adorable :slight_smile:

Good job!! I love these little pixie looking hats. It is so fun to make things up and have that freedom. It took me forever to get up the nerve, but I’m sure glad I finally did. Now you’ll want to branch out to trying some other things without a pattern.

That begs the question: What’s a gumnut baby. I had to find out. Now it reminds me of a gumnut baby too! :thumbsup:

Grumpy - as you by now realise I think, a gumnut baby was one of the fictitious characters in May Gibbs’ wonderful children’s story “Snugglepot and Cuddlepie”. A book I read as a child, scared me, made me laugh and I was in awe at the journey I was taken on. A truly fabulous Australian story.

How cute is that! Good job on the use of both knitting and crochet to achieve the effect you wanted. You’re my kind of crafter–use what works and make it up as you go along!! :thumbsup:

the jingle bell jingles while walking, if he sneezes it will ring, If he coughs, whatever quick movements it will ring.