My very first FO!

I am back from a long, LONG hiatus! I first posted the beginnings of my scarf way back in December 2011. Then I got really busy with my writing, and then it was summer and I had trouble motivating myself to knit a scarf I couldn’t use for months. Then in the fall I learned how to drive for the first time even though I just turned 31 (birthday was yesterday!). I’m a city girl and I had never learned before.

But I finally finished last night, and here it is! Harry Potter Ravenclaw scarf, book colors, older style from the first two movies. I accidentally added two extra pieces of fringe than what the pattern called for because I looked at the photo wrong, but it ended up being a good thing because of the other end of the scarf, which is the first thing I knit ever, is a bit wider and needed the extra fringe to avoid looking empty.

Next up will be attempting to knit a hat to go with it.

:cheering: Very impressive! Perseverance Furthers, as they say. And this is a bunch of stitches – especially for a first project. An excellent job!

Beautiful! First project or not, that’s a great scarf. As for the fringe, doing what works for you is what matters. Well done! :thumbsup:

Thanks! It was sooo many stitches. It was knit in the round and I think each row was 70 stitches. The biggest mistake is right in the middle in one of the gold (aka “closest thing to bronze I could find”) stripes where I made a small mistake, tried to fix it, and ended up making it worse. But that part will usually be wrapped around my neck anyway, so that luckily worked out well. And while it was drying, my cat decided it was a toy and frayed one of the stitches in a blue stripe a bit, so I sort of poked the fraying back into the tube with a yarn needle.

And because it was in the round, it’s so warm! yay! I wish I had gotten into knitting and Harry Potter at a more normal time so that the scarf would be less behind the times, but that’s ok. :aww:

It looks spectacular. Any Ravenclaw would be thrilled! lol Don’t worry about booboos. Even we experienced knitters make them all the time. It is part of not being perfect.

Yay for you! :yay: that looks great!!

That turned out lovely. Your stitches look so nice and even–no mistakes visible to these eyes!

I’m not much of a HP fan (read the books–meh!), but I wouldn’t mind having a scarf similar to this. Thanks for sharing!

Excellant scarf, beautifully knit. I’ve made a HP scarf myself, also in the round and it is a slog. You’ve made a lovely, warm scarf and just in time for the coldest days of the winter. Hat should be fun too!

Great job! What yarn did you use?

Just be glad it’s not a Dr. who scarf! If you knit that in the round you’d be an old lady before it was done. It’s like 12ft long! :zombie:

Thank you again, everyone! I used Lion’s Brand Wool-Ease worsted weight in 114 Denim and 171 Gold. For some reason the gold always felt thinner than the blue, which was weird.

Antares, I avoided the Harry Potter craze like the plague for YEARS but got sucked in over the summer of 2011 when I read all the books.

And Jan, ahhhh, I know! I just got into Doctor Who a few months ago! My boyfriend and I started with the 9th Doctor and are now caught up with the new episodes, plus we’ve watched the 1996 movie and are watching Classic Who on Netflix and buying the classic dvds whenever we spot a decent buy. I would LOVE a Tom Baker scarf too, but I don’t think I’m quite at that level yet. I also saw a pattern for this huge TARDIS afghan that is insanely complicated, but I will tackle it someday. Just no way it’s happening anytime soon. :slight_smile:

:balloons: [SIZE=“5”][COLOR=“Purple”][B][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Happy belated Birthda!![/FONT][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] :balloons:

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”]Your scarf looks great!![/SIZE][/FONT]

Brilliant, well done for persevering. I tried to knit a scarf and gave up half way through, I might finish it one of these days!

Brenda, my very very first attempt at knitting was a dishcloth, back in maybe 2005. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing and I got bored/frustrated because I had no desire for a dishcloth when I was done. I left it before even finishing a row. So this time around when another friend tried to get me into it, I decided to make something I was excited about finishing and would actually use. And then it took over a year. But still, I got it done. Definitely need to do a few smaller projects as my next several things so I don’t get that “THIS WILL NEVER BE DONE!” feeling as much.

That scarf looks great. Congrats on finishing it. Now I want to make a HP scarf. Did you use a pattern?

Colleen, that’s quite amusing as I was the opposite. I knitted dishcloths first because I wanted them, I was on a mission to reduce and reuse etc and had waged a war against paper towels!! I made quite a few that we still use today, have knitted a few more to replace the ones that wore out and will always go back to them. They’re the reason I learnt to knit.

A beautifully knit scarf. :thumbsup: Congratulations on sticking with it and seeing it through to completion. Knit in the round it will definitely be warm.

Brenda, I could probably use dishcloths more now than I could back then. I still lived at home in '05 because it was my first year out of college and I couldn’t afford an apartment yet.

Lizars, I used this pattern: Their link to yarn recommendations is broken though, so I just went with a wool/acrylic blend. They also have patterns on that site for the scarves of the later movies. And I think this is the hat I’m going to attempt next with the leftover yarn:

Perfect work! Your stitches are so even! Love the colors, too!