My very First FO

I just started knitting about 3 weeks ago, thanks in part to this website.

This is my very first FO a simple garter stitch scarf using Lion Brand Home Spun! The yarn was pretty hard to work with at first but I got the hang of it.

I am soo excited! I can’t wait to make more :inlove:


my boyfriend was kind enough to model the scarf for me! I know it looks short on him but he is 6’7" :wink:

Nice finish (and cute boyfriend!) !!
:cheering: :thumbsup:

That yarn is tough to work with, but the end results almost make it worthwhile.

Great job … I love the color you used!

There’s nothing like the feeling of finally completing your first knitting project! :woot:

Keep up the good work!

It looks great!:thumbsup:

Yeah, we don’t usually recommend that type of yarn for new knitters, but you did a good job. :slight_smile:

Congrats on your first FO. YOu did a good job. Homespun is a bit challenging to work with but makes nice finished articles. I recently knit a prayer shawl in Homespum and it was so soft and cuddly! I really like to end results. Keep knitting and good luck!

Congrats!!! Using Homespun for your first project and sticking with it? Wow … that yarn never gets easier for me to use because it “catches” so easily. But the results are very soft. Great job!! What’s next?

Congratulations! Very pretty scarf – love the color.

Thanks for the encouragement!

I am almost finished with a small bag that I started two days ago. I just need to knit the handle.

I think I have a problem, I knit way too much :happydance:

Great job especially using Homespun for the first time. Welcome to the addicted to knitting club!

You’re on a roll, girl! Well done! Good idea to work on short projects - you get to finish them far sooner than the longer ones.

That is one good boyfriend you have, modelling for you.

Continued happy knitting!


You can never knit too much !!! Pretty scarf :slight_smile:

Wonderful work! LB Homespun feels so good to knit with, too, doesn’t it?

That’s just great! Betcha can’t wait to start the next one!



I already finished my small bag Friday night and started working on a cable scarf !

I really thought cables would be harder to work with but they are just awkward for me. I really love my sparkly yarn so that makes it easier to work on

I’m [B]VERY[/B] impressed[B]![/B] :yay:

You’ll need to make your model a scarf Dr Who length.

I still have[B] and wear[/B] my first project, a scarf, mistakes and all.

Nice first project! It looks like you have been bitten by the bug. Welcome to the world of knitting and all the fun it brings.

Great job Cheeky! Isn’t knitting fun?

Nice work. I love that you’re knitting cables already. BTW, you can never knit too much. :knitting:

Well done and welcome to the club! :muah:

Lovely scarf! :cheering: