My very first FO

I just finished my very first project. It was a scarf for DD.:woohoo: Now for some opinions here… What should my second project be? Don’t want to do another scarf just yet. Something pretty easy obviously but now that I have garter and stockinette down maybe something a little different. Would love your suggestions.

How about a hat to match?

One of my favourite things to knit when I was a beginner- and now actually- was dishcloths. There are lots of easy free patterns out there and you can learn new stitches without much worry. Cotton yarn is inexpensive and comes in a ton of colours. I’ve even made a dishcloth as sort of a sample of a pattern I’m about to knit to see how it will turn out. Also, you can make a dishcloth in a few hours of knitting, rather than a scarf, which takes a long time!

If you want to do something for quick gratification, you could do a coffee cup cozy in 2x2 rib knit…or some wristwarmers…if you have a little more patience, maybe tackle a winter hat or something like that.

There are a lot of easy beginner patterns out there on the net and in books - the sky’s the limit!

Let us know what you choose!!! :hug:

I made a scarf for my first project, and just finished my second project, a hat for my boyfriend, earlier this week. A hat is a really good second project, it’s nice to know how to knit in the round. And it’ll be much easier for you than it was for me, since you already know stockinette!

maybe I will try some dishcloths, what about potholders too? How would you make them thick enough? I heard about a good dishcloth pattern called grandmothers favorite dishcloth. Having a bit of trouble find the pattern though. Not sure about the hat need to go shopping first. But I have the stuff for dishcloths. Thank you all

oh awesome!

I just made a bunch of easy washcloths for my mom for Christmas. It’s what she asked for! I used cotton yarn, cast on 49 stitches on size 7 needles then…seed stitch. k1, p1 repeat to end of row. Best thing…because it’s an odd number of stitches, just pick up on the next row with k1, p1. Knit into a square as big as you want. Best cast off is in pattern using a crochet hook so it doesn’t pull too tight. My husband loves this stitch for face cloths. It’s very “scrubby”.

Congrats! My second project was a hat, so I vote hat.

Congratulations! Ditto on dishcloths! They are easy and quick!

:woohoo: on your very first FO!! Can’t wait to read about your next…:thumbsup:

Need to do some shopping before I can do the hat. Don’t have a big enough stash yet (lol). But I do have the yarn for the dishcloths, so thats what it is. Oh and a doll blanket for DN

make two rectangles sew them together and you have a poncho:woot: :knitting: :x: :guyknitting: :figureditout: Crossed Fingers :blooby: :woohoo: