My very first crochet FO

I just started learning crochet yesterday, and I am very proud that in a single weekend I was actually able to start and complete a small project! I only made one small ring to go around the larger one because I didn’t have any more matching yarn. I also did not stuff my rings, as this is just practice. Sorry for the bad quality picture but it’s all I could do for right now. Thanks for looking.

Off to a good start, I’d say. :slight_smile:


Nice job! Welcome to the wonderful world of crochet!


Great job on these. That’s a nice little first project–fairly easy to do, doesn’t take long to complete, and a great looking finished object.

I am all about instant gratification when I’m learning something new. This was perfect for me; it kept me interested, and practicing, and now I just can’t wait to do more.

I hope you will do more and enjoy it more, too.

I actually learned to crochet long LONG before I learned to knit (in fact, I’m fairly expert at crocheting). I find that it’s much easier than knitting, it goes faster, and is easier to work with (for example, stitches are a WHOLE lot easier to correct in crochet than in knitting).

Oh, I will do plenty more. I am really enjoying it.