My very first attempt to knit

I just finally learned last week how to do this… now I am working on two projects :lol:

Everyone keeps asking me what I am making… :?? Uh I guess scarfs :wink: :rofling:

the first one (the pink/purple) is my learning piece… I am considering ripping it all out because it looks BAD!

then this one I have a better hang of it

pretty yarn choices. don’t rip it out! at least not this one. keep it and go back to it in a few months and marvel at the progress! :wink: also, some people just keep knitting and knitting and knitting until the skein is gone and you can see a HUGE difference in the beginning and end too!

LOL I can already tell the difference! The first half is lose and not so great… then the stitches are more uniform and tighter.

Its pretty funny really. :lol:


I really like those yarn choices!! Love your avatar too. Gave me a nice smile. Don’t :frog: it!

It’s not imperfections… it’s hand-knit-design-features. :smiley:

LOL, I love your avatar, too, Crystal!! Keep knitting, my friend…you will marvel at the progress you make in a short period of time. … You will also marvel at the addiction to knitting :wink:

oooh - is that Caron Jewel Box I see :inlove:?

welcome Crystal - you will get the hang of it! your learning piece looks 100x better than my first 3 learning pieces!

Just a little comment… I recently found the very first dishcloth I ever made stuffed in the back of the linen closet. That was about 5 years ago, and I was absolutely amazed and shocked at the uneven stitches, holes, and crookedness: I am realizing that some of the first people who received dish cloths must have a goodly amount of tact :lol: . However, it was quite fun, after the shock wore off, to compare it to my current project and see how far I’ve come. Finish up that first pink piece and save it for later!

Isnt it AMAZING how your last 10 rows or so are SO very EVEN?!?! FANTASTIC work!! :cheering:

It only gets better :slight_smile:
I think we all had a rough start, some more than others.
Your knitting is getting more consistent though stay with it.

Ah! Thanks everyone… OK I won’t rip it out.

I was tempted but I won’t. I will keep going. I was planning on making it… well a scarf I guess for my toddler. I don’t think she will care about the imperfections :wink:

Allow me to show you an example of mistake that I proudly wear, with closed toe shoes, that is :wink:

don’t rip out the first one

i kept my first swatch for ages as a reminder to myself that i am not perfect and everything takes practice - no one is born knowing how to knit

Just keep going, your on a roll and doing well.
rebecca what is wrong with your socks? They look good to me.


  You are so brave to have posted your first try. Thank you though because I don't feel so bad now. I was getting frustrated because I wasn't doing so well but I was determined and I keep practicing and it is getting better and more enjoyable. Everyday when I come to this site I read things and learn more things and I read what others are doing and I learn from their experiences. Again thank you for sharing. I guess everyone started out like us and I am glad they are patient enough to help us with our many questions.

Good Luck from a fellow beginner,
Evelyn :frog:

One other thing I would add… you’re rows evened up a lot quicker than mine did. (not sure my rows are even now…)


Look at you my knitting friend. :thumbsup:

Oh my LOOK AT YOU, handsome.

Looks like Nette got him first…wewantmore is a good nic for you!! Welcome to the group!!

I agree with what everyone has said; you’re doing a great job! :thumbsup:

Crystal -

As a fellow beginner - I would keep what you have. Like everyone said - it is going to be a fond memory for you. My first scarf I used two strands of yarn - one like you had and a fun fur - that way no one can see the mistakes through the fur!! LOL! :rollseyes: