My version: Touch of Whimsey II Scarf

Hi’ya! :waving:

Slim posted the most beautiful scarf few days ago! The “Touch of Whimsey” scarf! She was kind enough to also include the link for the free pattern! Thanks Slim! WOW!

I happened to have just the right yarn in my Stash! Whooo Hooo! :woot:

But, I hit a brick wall with the pattern directions. Ever have that happen to you? The simplest thing can just run you into the ditch…and you’re too tired to try to figure the directions out…so you do a little improvisational pattern changes. Is that easier? I dunno.

Anyway, because my yarn is a tweed, my pattern change for the bottom edge (I scrapped the I-cord cast on) and up the sides (I scrapped the designer’s 3 st slip stitch edge) is gonna do OK.

FYI: I [I]tried and tried to find directions[/I] on how to do an I-Cord cast on…both here at KH and on the Touch of Whimsey website…no luck. :shrug: I wasn’t in the mood to fight with it. Ever feel like that?

Well, here is my “Touch of Whimsey II” (for my DD, who is a green-eyed girl with a creamy complexion!)

The pattern is a 12 row repeat. This is 4 repeats. Boy, ya really have to watch out and keep track of where ya are!

Here it is in more sunlight.

I am doing the ‘slip stitch’ at the beginning of each row. It creates a nice edge I think.

My Yarn

My Yarn with label

My yarn details.

that is beautiful even if you improvised.

I have found a few things like that where I couldn’t find any where with printed directions. Videos are no help for me, most do not load on here.

i love ur scarf its so nice and what a good yarn to use.

I love that yarn! Your scarf is looking great!

It looks great!

Very pretty yarn. Looks great

that is very pretty… I love the yarn color:blooby:

It is absolutely [B]STUNNING:cheering:[/B]!!! The colorway is [I]yummy[/I]! OH My, what a beautiful colorway for your green eyed dd, she sounds as if she’s as lovely as her mom!

I would like to note that I check my email daily (linked in the sidebar of both blogs) and I am always more than happy to help anyone if ever he/she runs into a snag!
Also, just so everyone knows (I would be so sorry to hear if this happened again; I’m terribly sorry that you had trouble locating it :sad:), there is a link to the ICord Cast On tutorial on the “A Touch of Whimsy” pattern page and in the sidebar of both blogs.
I am honored that you chose to knit one of my designs, thank you:muah:
Again, I’m terribly sorry that you had a problem finding the tutorial!
And, your resulting scarf is [I]absolutely beautiful![/I] You should be quite proud :blooby: (I love the blooby…[[SIZE=1]or is it bloobie?[/SIZE]!]!)

Oh, :inlove: that’s so pretty. Love the pattern and the colorway is yummy! I may have to give that a try!

Hi’ya Rebecca! :waving: Thanks for your help in locating the tutorial. I see it now, plain a day! I don’t think I was on that page. And, when I visited Mrs. Modesitt’s website, I couldn’t find directions/help with the 3 st slip stitch edge.

Well, I definitely WILL knit your scarf pattern again with a solid color yarn, and I will knit your scarf JUST LIKE YOURS and Slims. The I-cord cast on, along with Mrs. Modesitt’s edging treatment…gives the scarf a sophisticated elegance. I think a solid color yarn best shows off the pattern.

Thanks again for being a ‘hands on’ designer! We appreciate your thoughfulness in responding to our needs!

BTW: My botanical “Touch of Whimsey II” is really coming along! I hope to have it done, and blocked, by Sunday. My DD and I are going to the State Fair together…a mother/daughter outing…and I would love to give it to her then! We’ll see. If I can limit my “KH online time”…I will get this scarf done! I have three skeins of the yarn…one is all used up now (128 yds). I want to make this scarf 60" or more in length for use when it is COLD here is Washington State. I like how the TV Field Newscasters wrap their scarves around their neck by first folding it in half…wrap that around the neck with the fold under their neck…then they pull the loose ends through the folded edge. But, you need a LONG scarf to execute this kind of neck wrap! I will post of photo of my DD wearing it.

ArtLady, i’m never on “that page”! :roflhard: :roflhard:
what can i say about this scarf that i haven’t said about all your other FOs and WsIP? :think:

:woot: SPLENDIFEROUS!!! :woot:

(i [I]think [/I]that’s a new one. :teehee:)

that’s how my mom likes to wear her scarves. i’m not sure why. i know she’s told me before, but her explanation has lost itself somewhere in the deep, dark crevises of my mind. :eyebrow:

Oh, what a wonderful surprise it will be for her when ya’ll go to the state fair! I love, love your colorway with this scarf, it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see a picture of her wearing it, with your description of her, oh, it will be so lovely on her!
I’m afraid my “little one” and I don’t do mother/daughter type things like that now since she’s grown! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy while you can, they grow up so quickly!

You are more than welcome, I get several emails a month from fellow knitters regarding my designs…what a joy!! I love, love, love to share my designs for free online…and, when i actually see that someone has chosen to knit this or that design, well, I get all happy, excited and extremely honored! All of which I am doubly so because you said you are knitting yet another! Just…wow…and thanks so much:blooby:

Phew! One skein down, two to go! One skein gave me 25" length!

Here it is! I love it!

i love it, too!!! :inlove:

that’s GORGEOUS!!! i love the way it’s creating stripes. i’ve never seen that kind of effect before.

That is beooooooootiful! I’d like the pattern link.
Also, what does the back of it look like? I like Silver’s new Palindrome over the Irish Hiking Scarf since it looks nice on both sides. So is this one’s reverse pretty also?

It is not exactly reversible like Silver’s scarf. It is nice though. I will post a photo for ya tomorrow.
Here is the link to the free pattern. BTW, the designer is one of our KH members!

Her name is Rebecca, and her handle is Rebecca. Take a look at Slim’s thread under Whatcha Knitting…Touch of Whimsy. Rebecca has posted some helpful tips for us on Slim’s thread.

HERE is the link to her Whimsical Knitting Designs site. She is a most gracious and talented designer, sharing her designs freely! She has a great I-cord cast on tutorial on the right column. If you decide to knit the Touch of Whimsey scarf as she shows it, you might need to take a peek at the tutorial. I couldn’t figure it out when I cast on…so I scrapped the I-cord cast on…and made the design adjustments. I like it in the green botanicals. However, I will use her pattern as set forth for a future Whimsey scarf in a solid color. I JUST LOVE Slim’s light blue-grey Whimsey!

Even though Touch of Whimsey is not reversible, I like its soft graciousness over the sturdy appearance of the Irish Hiking Scarf.

I love my Whimsey scarf in the botanical greens! I am liking it more and more as I knit along. Good thing, too. I have 3-128 yd skeins to plow through. :eyes: What ever length they give me will determine the finish line! :eyebrow:

I love your scarf! I also love the yarn. Green is my favorite color. :heart:

Such beautiful colors! Love the pattern! How luxurious that it’s going to be so long… makes me warm & cozy just thinking about it!

Oh My, GAWGEOUS, Dahlin’, simply GAWGEOUS! Looking better with each row!!!
And, my goodness, thank you for saying such kind things, I’m all :aww: LOL. Seriously, you are too kind!
It really is a fun knit once you get in the groove IMHO, of course, lol! I will be so happy when the socks are off the needles, but…alas, I have socks to knit for my Honey Man before I complete the Whimsy socks!
Good morning to you all…have a grand day:blooby: