My vacation with pix of someone you all love

Ha ha. On a more positive note: finally got the camera cord and could down load pix from my vacation a couple weeks ago.

We were in Martha’s Vineyard (visiting more relatives) and we visited the most incredible farm where I purchased some great great natural and wonderful smelling yarn.

While in the little store on the farm here’s what showed up:


:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: How CUUUUUUUTE!!!

yeah i think i would have to kiss his nose and then smuggle him outta there to be my very own little lamby.

assuming he would agree to stay just that big forever!


Awwww !!! A little ba ba white sheep !!! :heart:

I want to just squeese him-her so cute!!!

That is so cute ! Is she owned by somebody?

Aww so cute!! :inlove: :inlove:

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:


WHat’s the name of the farm? I’ll be in MA next week, on the cape even! so maybe I’ll get to go too!

How sweet is that!
I want one :heart:

baaaa baaaaa

Super cute!

It’s a face like that which makes me want to go raise sheep in Oregon. (sigh)

How cute!!

Oh my gosh!!! I can’t stand it!!! Come 'er, you little dickens … :hug:

What a cute lamb! Is he yours? :hug:

:muah: how cute!!!

Oh shoot I forgot to check back here!!! (my dad was ahem visiting)
and I didn’t even notice
feministmama’s question where the farm is. Shoot. Too late now!

But it’s on Martha’s Vineyard and you have take a ferry there so maybe she/you couldn’t make it anyhow? It’s called the Allen farm and they also,
boohoo, sell these sweet babies to local restaurants. To eat.


Although I have enjoyed a lamb chop in my day, I’m not now sure if I want to eat them anymore…