My unfinished aran sweater...say goodbye!

so i’ve had this aran sweater in a bag in my house for the past 3 or 4 years. i took a class on it, and of course because the rest was up to me and it was a TON or work to get through one row, i never finished it. :wall:
i’ve wanted to start a new project and i thought of this sweater. i’ll never finish it. i know i won’t. i’ll also never wear it if i did finish it. it’s WAY too warm, but it’s beautiful.
so, before i recycle this one and use it for another project, i thought i’d share what i finished with you. ya know, just to document that it did exsist!

lots of cables, honeycomb, and moss stitching. cables running down the shoulders that would have been picked up later and continued down the sleeves. i had just joined the underarms when i stopped…
sure is pretty…and now, my sweet manos, you will be reborn!

now…what do i knit with it? :??

OMG its beautiful, can you post where the pattern is from, I would love to knit that sweater, cause it is cold here -25 last night and tomorrow…:slight_smile:

I love that sweater. It looks really great.

:passedout: That is incredibly beautiful!! As much as I hate to see it go it makes perfect sense to frog it so you can use it on something you’ll love!

That is gorgeous!!! But it wouldn’t serve it’s true purpose so frogging is a wise decision.

How beautiful!!! :inlove:

However, if finishing it would be a chore, and you wouldn’t wear it, you’re better off ripping it out.

R.I.P., Aran sweater!! :teehee:

i guess the pattern came from this book. its pretty involved…lots of charts and stuff! hahaha. it’s been so long, i honestly wouldn’t know what to do on it. i’d have to go back in for private lessons just to know what to do!
it’s been cold in chicago, but not enough for it to be suer cold inside. they actually keep my office pretty toasty, so i haven’t worn much in the way of sweaters this year.
i think i’ll find a pattern for a reversable cable scarf and use some for that!
i have a purple turtle neck top down that i knit for my first sweater and i’ve never worn it. it’s just too hot!!!

so maybe i’ll frog both? i’m all for recycling! :teehee:

It is simply stunning but like every one has said, if you are not happy with it rip it out!

:shock: Wow that is beautiful!!!

:passedout: That is stunning!

How pretty! That is shame it has to go… :pout:

Forgive me for butting in :oops: but,

can you not sell what you’ve done already with the yarn?

It seems that several people here already like it and you must have put in so much work already, it seems a waste to lose it.

Just my $0.02 :teehee:


how would i price something like that? i don’t think i have enough manos to finish the sweater either, though it’s not supposed to be a big deal if you buy a new skein of it since they dye it in a similar fashion all the time. the store i took the lesson from would sell you a skein as you need it. i have 2 balls of it now.

i wouldn’t even know how to begin pricing something like this out…
it is absolutely beautiful, and it would just be a trophy kinda thing if i kept it around. i guess i figured if i had a photo record of it, it’d be enough for me because it’s not something i have out on display…i do wish i finished it, but at the same time, i know i won’t…

That’s so pretty, I ordered the book with the pattern. I have some yarn I want to use for a cabled sweater, and that one looks perfect!

My LYS has that book so that will be my next purchase!

Na na na naaa na na na naaaa hey hey hey goodbye aran sweater RIP