My two scarves (picture)

Here is a picture of the scarves. These are short length scarves to go under our coats and keep our necks warm. They are far from perfect, but a learning experience. The one on the right is the one where the yarn from the two balls with the same dye lot wasn’t exactly the same. Today I finally figured out the difference. Looking at the cut off ends from my practice swatch from the first ball, and the remainder of the second ball I realized that the colors on the first ball were more saturated AND they were longer lengths. The colors on the second ball were slightly less saturated and shorter. That is why the color patterns are wonky, I think.

The scarf on the left is for my son. The tassel is there to loop around a very large button that I am going to sew on the other end to keep the scarf from falling off.

These are both Lion Brand Yarn Jiffy Thick & Quick. The left one is “Catskills” and the right one is “Rocky Mountains”. I knitted them on size 15 bamboo needles.

They’re so bright and cheerful! They look really warm, too.

Very nice Kari. How long are they?

The scarves are lovely. The bright colors are a delight, and I like the idea of short scarves for under the coat/jacket. Perfect.

For the future, you can knit with two different dye lots by working from both balls of yarn at the same time. Knit two rows from one dye lot, knit two row from the other…, dropping the previous strand of yarn. It will wait there for you to return. That way the color variations are consistent throughout.

They look fabulous. I actually like the color variation myself.


Thanks :slight_smile: .

Knitting_Guy, the one on the left is 30 inches and the one on the right is 37 inches. I know they are random lengths, but they were custom made those lengths so they fit us just right :slight_smile: .

Susan, the balls were supposed to be the same dye lot according to their labels, but next time I might just try that method anyway. I kind of like the variation too.

Great job. I love the colors :cheering:

Oh, they are so bright and cheerful looking! Just what you need on a gloomy winter day.

Today it was very cold here and I was so happy to have my scarf! It was nice and warm. No cold neck for me :slight_smile: .

[color=indigo]Very pretty, Kari! :happydance:

That shorter length makes for a very serviceable winter scarf.

GREAT JOB, chere! :notworthy: