My Twisted Scarf

I tried using circular needles for the first time this week and I got it twisted but instead of ripping it all out, I just kept on knitting. I was only making a scarflet, after all…
I knit til the width of the scarf was about 8" and then cast off - twist and all.
The scarf was two colours, mainly because I ran out of my first yarn about half-way thru… I just added another colour that I had on hand so that now the scarf is brown and blue.
When the thing was all finished, (I had done it all in knit) it rolled nicely and the twist was quite evident but I put the scarf on and twisted it around my neck just the once.
I love the way it looks. It’s also very soft and warm. The knit is on the inside, the purl is on the outside and there is a lovely line where the two colour came together.
So, I’m satisfied with my scarf… twist and all…
But, honestly… one of these days I’m just going to have to learn to use the circular needles without twisting the piece. LOL!
To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question![/COLOR]

I’m glad it worked out! It really just takes practice. You can knit a few rows flat then join if you want to make sure it doesn’t twist. Then use the tail to seam a few stitches. I do that quite a bit for certain things.